The lights, the cameras, the action; Working on the Trop has been a fun ‘crop’ fest

April Irvin

Photography Editor

I always said I would never write for the Trop until I wrote this farewell.

I was wrong.

I learned to interview people, including Chancellor Jack Hawkins, and eventually I somehow ended up getting credited for writing a story.  How did this even begin?

Freshman year I met a girl named Jill Odom, who quickly became my best friend, who wrote for the Tropolitan.  Thank you for begging me for a year to join you at one of those meetings.

You saw a light shining in me that I sure never saw burning.  I just took pictures for fun.

I never had confidence in my work.  Thank you for always pushing me and never letting me give up, especially when it came to my crazy late nights of studying.  Wolverine and Sabertooth forever.

Joshua Thurston, our web editor, was very quick to challenge me to shoot manual and shoot new events, and for that, I say thank you.

You helped me improve so much with my photography.

For some crazy reason you believed in me enough to pass on the position of Photo Editor.  This was one position that terrified more than ever.

I felt as though I had failed before I had even started, but now, I am so happy to have accepted that challenge.  It was a fun adventure.

Editors, oh how I will miss our layout nights!

Some nights were more stressful than others, but oh, did we learn to laugh through it all.  So much editing and cropping for each of your pages—some were close to just having black squares some nights.

Just remember, I love you.   

Baby Troppers, good luck with the Trop! We are leaving it in your hands.

All of us old Troppers are finally departing to bigger things. You’ve got this!

Photographers, thank you for your hard work and not leaving me.  Keep doing great work.  You guys are great! I love seeing the work you all do.

Holly, you are now Photo Editor.  You can do it. Don’t be scared.  You have more than proved yourself to take on this challenge.

Make sure to be dressed properly for faculty convocation during Camp Trop.  No Nike shorts and flip-flops.

You have been warned.

It is time for “Flying Turtle” to say farewell soon with a degree in Marine Biology.  I will never forget the experience I made here.

I no longer think I will be leaving Troy as just another face in the crowd.

I finally learned how to get out of my shell while also being productive.

I will miss life on the sidelines, being paparazzi at step shows, and any of the fancy university events that the Trop needed to cover.

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