The Meaning of Homecoming Court: Interview With a King

by Emily Mosier

Becoming Homecoming Queen or King is the dream of many college students, and the current nominees are surely shaking with excitement to find out who will take home the title this weekend. But what does it really mean to be elected a homecoming royal?

Braxton Daniels, who received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science last year, was crowned the 2021 Homecoming King. 

From getting married to starting graduate school, he has come a long way since that moment, and he says the experience was crucial in developing his character for the new stage of life in which he was about to embark.

“This experience developed my character in two distinct ways,” Daniels said. “The first was it reminded me to live my life in gratitude for the opportunities that God has given us.

The second way was it further developed a sense of professionalism in my life. Professionalism is something that is not taught through school but through experiences: interacting with faculty and your peers, carrying yourself with confidence, and building up those around you.”

Daniels said it was an honor to even be nominated for the homecoming court, but winning was still an amazing experience.

“I honestly cannot describe the feeling using words,” Daniels said. “I was overcome with joy and humility.”

When asked what his favorite part of homecoming was, Daniels said it was not winning, but the friendships he made and the people he met.

“I was thankful for the opportunity to meet new people,” Daniels said. “For example, I had never met Deizah Holland [the 2021 Homecoming Queen], and we became very good friends through this process.”

Daniels advised the current court to serve the position to the best of their ability and to enjoy the opportunity.

“You represent your organizations and your student body, so carry that with pride and ambition,” Daniels said. “Being nominated would have still been totally worth it even if I had not won.

The experience is incredible, and it is an incredible opportunity for a student to give back to their university.”

            The 2022 Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the football game against Texas State this Saturday.

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