The Rubicon Launch Party

The Rubicon’s launch party will yet again be hosted by Studio 116 in Brundidge.

“The goal of the launch party is to allow the artists and writers to meet and be able to share the work with the school and the community,” said Candace Turlington, a senior fine arts major and senior editor of the Rubicon from Tallahassee, Fla.

The party will serve as an affair for meeting and mingling between those who somehow contributed to the Rubicon, but others are also invited.

“First and foremost the writers, artists, staff members and faculty advisors are invited, but it is an open event and anyone interested in the work is invited to come,” Turlington said.

The event begins at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and there will be food and refreshments provided.

Serving primarily as a social event, the party encourages a sense of community between the Rubicon and students, and it also creates a stimulating environment for creativity and writing.

During the launch party, writers will be offered an opportunity to have a reading of their work in the Rubicon. The writers themselves can read their work aloud, or they can have a volunteer.

This semester the Rubicon collaborated with the art department in designing the layout of the literary journal, and there will be an art exhibit on display at the launch party as well.

Through these presentations and displays guests are offered a look into the endeavor that is creating the Rubicon.

“Hopefully, those who come will walk away with a greater sense of all the effort that went into the issue,” said Caleb Humphreys, a senior English major and the editor-in-chief of the Rubicon from Luverne.

This type of look into the Rubicon’s makings leads to the launch party’s final goal:
“Another goal is marking,” Humphreys said.

“We hope that people show up and have a good time and want to submit or be a part of the Rubicon process in the future.”

The Rubicon will be taking submissions again next year, and staff positions will be opening.

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