‘The Ultimate Gift:’ family friendly and full of hope

by Nora Hollinghead

“The Ultimate Gift,”  based on the best-selling novel written by Jim Stovall, was brought to screen in 2006 by director Michael O. Sajbel. 

At the beginning of the movie, “Red” Stevens, grandfather and billionaire, passes away. Though none of his heirs were pleased with what was in his will, his grandson, Jason Stevens, goes on a journey to discover his fortune. Jason Stevens is a spoiled trust fund baby who expected nothing after he watched his family leave the reading of the will upset. However, Jason received a series of videos that will eventually lead him to money, love, gratitude and many other life lessons. 

The first video led him to Texas, where he met his grandfather’s friend, Gus. Gus allowed Jason to work on his farm for a month while Jason started to understand what manual labor really was like. 

In the next few videos from his grandfather, Jason lost all of his assets, gained true friendship, and learned the value of money. 

As these clips of Jason’s grandfather continued playing throughout the movie, I found it intriguing to watch how Red knew what Jason needed to experience to become less “entitled.” Watching Jason become more emotional and connected with his friend, Emily, and her mother was very special. 

I find it interesting how Jason was once spoiled like the rest of his family yet finds them pathetic after his own change. I am sure his grandfather Red would have been so excited to know how much he was changing to be like him. 

            Through the movie “The Ultimate Gift” there is so much character development from Jason. I think it is fascinating watching Jason develop into a whole new person. 

Despite the movie being filmed in 2006, I think this is a great, family friendly movie filled with hope. I am excited to watch the two other movies that go along with this one titled “The Ultimate Life” (2013) and “The Ultimate Legacy (2016). 

Rating- 9/10

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