Theatre & Dance Spring into Performances

Codi Clemmons

Staff Writer

Troy University has many successful faculty members and students who contribute to the outstanding Department of Theatre and Dance.

While COVID-19 has brought many challenges, the department has continued with auditions and is preparing performances for the Spring 2021 semester.

The semester will include performances such as Art in Motion, an acting showcase and a spring semester Pied Pipers performance.

“We are also engaging lots and lots of guest artists in theatre and dance and making the most of these remote opportunities,” said Lily Everett, a senior dance major from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the department’s marketing and publicity manager.

The theatre and dance department engages with artists from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, which Everett described as an “incredible and valuable resource.”

Elle Foxx, a freshman theatre major from Montgomery, Alabama, explained the tryout process. 

“The audition process is quite simple,” Foxx said. “You have 90 seconds total for your audition, so if you just want to act you can do two short monologues or one
longer one. “

“If you want to act and sing you can do about a 16-32 bar cut of a song and a short monologue. When you get there, you have to check in and get your number and then go over your music with
the pianist.”

After going over your piece with the pianist, you wait backstage until it’s your turn. When you go out you say your name and number and then just start.”

While the audition process can make each actor or dancer nervous, the performers claim it is also fun and exciting.

“I don’t think I expected to have so much fun at the auditions and callbacks,” Foxx said. “During this process everyone is doing the same things but in their own way.

“It’s just mind blowing to see everyone’s creative process firsthand.”

Even with the COVID-19 setbacks from last semester, everyone in the department seems ready to tackle this season head-on.

“I think I am most excited about showcasing brand new faculty work,” said Emily Johnston, a sophomore theatre major from Dacula, Georgia. “One of the professors in the department, Tommy Newman, wrote another musical and will be showcasing its debut here at Troy, as well as creating its very first vocal recording.”

To keep up with the department’s plans for the semester, or for more information, follow  @troytheatredance on Instagram or visit

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