Then and now: Shuttle system updates not necessarily better

Tori Bedsole

Features Editor

The shuttle system at Troy has undergone renovations over the last year that were meant to benefit students.

One year ago, the university Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Services, in partnership with TransLoc, released an app that was designed to allow students to track the shuttles in real time, seeing where the shuttles are at all times and what routes the shuttles are taking.

This new app should have helped students navigate the shuttle system in a way that would alleviate some of the parking issues on campus and support students who choose not to drive to campus.

Of course, the additional parking lot that should be nearing completion will also help with this issue.

The TransLoc app has been a problem for many students this year. They have had trouble navigating its functions and have found that the the buses don’t always follow the routes shown in the app.

The last few weeks have been particularly difficult with the shuttle system for me personally.

Despite the shuttle generally running on a consistent 15-minute route, I have missed a class and almost missed a meeting this week because of inconsistency.

Tuesday morning, I stood waiting for the shuttle for nearly an hour before finally giving up and telling my professor that I was going to miss class.

The shuttle was skipping my apartment or not stopping at all when it passed by my apartment.

Wednesday morning, I again waited for almost an hour. I was checking the app, and the shuttle was not showing up on my route at all. After I finally started walking to campus, the shuttle showed up and took me to campus, thankfully.

The inconsistency of the shuttle system needs to be addressed so more students can depend on it as a reliable source of transportation.

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