Then and now: Sorority updates

Tori Bedsole
Features Editor
The sorority system at Troy University made a huge advancement in 1997 as housing for the sororities was moved from Pace Hall to the houses on what is now Sorority Hill.
The decision came after the university purchased the property from the Baptist Children’s Home earlier that year and the conditions in Pace Hall became almost unlivable.
In later weeks, the sororities expressed concerns over the unequal sizes of the houses, as well as the requirement that the residents have a meal plan.
For those who do not know, the sororities were assigned to houses based on a lottery.
The move of the sororities to Elm Street also led to the reopening of College Drive, with the addition of a traffic light at Elm Street and College Drive.
The sororities were given some freedom in changes made to the houses, which alleviated some of the concerns of the sororities.
Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, was bid day for, Alpha Omicron Pi, the newest addition to the sorority system at Troy.

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