Then and now: Things do get better

Tori Bedsole
Features Editor
I recently came across an article in a copy of the Tropolitan from Oct. 11, 1984, that discusses staffing issues for the Trop. After reading through the article, I realized just how lucky we are for the staff we have today.
A little over 30 years ago, the Trop was in desperate need of all kinds of staff, from writers and editors to photographers and copy editors. What surprised me the most was the fact that Jim Joseph, the Trop adviser at the time, is the one who wrote the article.
“Promises and good intentions don’t put out the paper,” he said. “The only thing that puts out the paper is people who are willing to give their time, skills and desires.”
I have never seen a truer statement about the publication of a newspaper than the one above.
We are lucky to have a group of students from a variety of backgrounds who come together for the good of the student body. Many of them have jobs or are involved in other organizations, but they see the Tropolitan as a priority.
Even the students who are not journalism majors, who will never write another article after college, sacrifice their time to bring you the news.
I guess I have gotten a bit sentimental this week, but I believe it is warranted.
As a previous editor-in-chief, I know the hard work that all of these students put into this publication. Trust me, it pays off to see your name in print and know that people are reading your best work.
Thank you to everyone who stepped up in 1984 so that we could continue sharing the news with students today.

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