These Hands Don’t Hurt

Troy’s SAVE Project will be hosting their annual “These Hands Don’t Hurt” event on the Quad on Wednesday, April 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to bring awareness to those who are victims of sexual violence.

The event invites students, faculty and staff to place their hand print on a banner, representing their commitment to making Troy University a place free of domestic and sexual violence.

Afterwards, the banner will be hung in the Trojan Center for the remainder of the month.

To bring more awareness to this issue, the SAVE Project will also be distributing posters, banners and brochures around the Troy campus throughout the month of April.

The SAVE Project hopes that their efforts will inspire people to take action and speak up for those who are being sexually assaulted.

Some may ask, “How can I help?”

Jenny Duncan, the assistant coordinator and counselor at the SAVE Project, said, “There are a lot of things college students can do to help those affected by sexual assault.  First of all, start talking about it. Don’t think that it doesn’t happen here (in Troy) or it couldn’t happen to you or someone you know.  No one is impervious to becoming a victim of sexual violence.  Also, step in and speak up if you see someone engaging in some form of sexual violence.  Don’t turn a blind eye.  Another suggestion would be to be sensitive to the issue.  Everyone should educate themselves on what sexual assault really is and not buy into the myths.”

The people at the SAVE Project are not positive about exactly how many on the Troy campus have been affected by sexual violence.

“It’s difficult to get an accurate number of (Troy) students who have been affected by sexual assault considering. It is one of the most underreported crimes in the U.S.  Many victims never tell anyone that they were assaulted,” Duncan said.

According to the information national statistics were able to acquire, about one in four college-aged women have been in some incident involving sexual violence, and college women are four times more likely to be hurt by sexual violence than any other age group.

Victims of sexual violence may be closer than some think.  This is why Troy University has the SAVE Project– to provide a place where those who suffer in silence can find support.

Any student who has been affected by sexual violence, past or present, please know that help is available.  The SAVE Project provides free, confidential counseling, advocacy and support.  Contact them at 670-3700 or

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