Tickets are tallying up

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

Parking space and tickets are big concerns for many students on the Troy campus. 

Currently, the university has sold 4,700 parking decals, including 1,015 to faculty and staff and 2,530 to commuters.

“We’re urging everyone to purchase their decals; that is for safety reasons,” said James Taylor, an investigator with Troy University Police. “It’s for the police department to know who’s supposed to be on campus and who’s not.”

The university usually gives a grace period at the beginning of the semester for drivers to get used to the area and parking rules on campus.

“We give a certain amount of time to allow students to get their decals, so we don’t usually ticket for the first three weeks (for decal violations),” Taylor said.

Taylor cautioned drivers not to “pull-through” parking spaces so the vehicle’s tag and decal can remain easy to be seen.

“Just make sure you don’t pull through a spot, have a decal and park in a parking spot,” recommended Alena Donald, a junior from Birmingham, Alabama. “I know that road by Trojan Village 100—where there are parking lots on the side — if you aren’t parked in a parking spot, you will get a ticket. 

“That road is supposed to be a two-way street, but it’s difficult (to drive) when cars park where they aren’t supposed to park.”

Many have experienced frustration in finding a parking spot in the sometimes crowded parking lots.

“Parking was a big issue when living on campus,” said Alexa Mills, a sophomore accounting major from Dothan, Alabama. “I think I got 16 (tickets) last year when I lived on campus and probably would’ve had more if we didn’t get out of school early.”

Others haven’t had experience with being ticketed but have seen examples around campus.

“They’ve been ruthless this year (with ticketing),” said Jami Culp, a junior hospitality management major from Alexander City, Alabama. “I’ve seen way more tickets so far this semester than I’ve ever seen. 

“I see at least 10 cars with tickets every day in the afternoons. I see campus security, or whoever writes them for people, 24/7.”

Others question the university’s decision to keep options for purchasing decals yearly, rather than by semester. The situation with the pandemic has contributed to that opinion.

“I know there’s a lot of reluctance to purchase decals this year since we will be going online,” said McKenzie Dailey, a senior graphic design major from Jacksonville, Florida.

“I got a ticket for not having an updated parking pass which is valid—however I think it’s pretty ridiculous for us to even have to buy a parking pass in these times,” said Ashley Simmons, a junior music major from Dothan, Alabama.

“I don’t see the point in buying a parking pass when we will be online soon,” commented Camryn Smith, a sophomore from Chelsea, Alabama.

More information about tickets, decals and a parking map can be found at Troy’s parking website,

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