Time at the Trop: short but sweet

Kendall Newton

Graphic Design Editor

Although my time at the Trop has been short and sweet (only one school year), it has given me so much more than I ever could have imagined. 

I came in as Graphic Design Editor and Webmaster a few weeks into the school year and hit the ground running, occasionally messing up and worring everyone on staff would hate me. Of course, they didn’t hate me.

 They were always encouraging and supportive in every way possible, being my biggest cheerleaders and advocates. I believe because of the support of my fellow editors, I was able to build confidence in what I do and perform my best every single week. 

My fellow editors were not always just there for me professionally, but personally as close friends, too. Last semester, I lost three close family members in four months, as well as suffered other personal conflicts, and I fell to a dreadful low point I never thought I would grow out of. However, many of them reached out to me and let me confide in them, and they continue to let me do so. They did not have to break that professional barrier, but they did. I will never forget that, and I hope everyone on the Trop editorial staff knows it has never gone unnoticed.  

Zach, Chloe and Emma, you were the first to tell me you were there for me in any way I needed. Your door and hearts were always open, and you never let me down. 

To Prad, thanks for helping me more with the website than I probably ever helped you. Now is probably the best time to say it — I really hate web design. I’m sorry. Taylor and Draven, you have the purest hearts and best personalities, so thank you for blessing me with those wonderful attributes every week! Wesley, you really surprised me with how well you execute design principles, even if you have no idea what that means. You even gave me the concept for my logo! I’ll miss your famous trumpet-noise entrances. 

The Trop is more than just a newspaper to me. It’s the truth. It’s people who care. It’s a family. I will surely miss it, and I wish nothing but the best for my Trop family.  

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