Helpful tips: how to avoid the ‘freshman 15’

Healthy and affordable baked chicken with avocado. (Katie Winters photo)

Abby Taylor

Online Content Editor

The “Freshman 15” happens quickly, and it is good to know how to avoid it.

Katie Winters, a senior interpreter training major from Milton, Florida, gave some tips on how to eat healthy and stay in shape on a budget.

“I personally will buy a (frozen) bag of tilapia fish and a bag of chicken breast, either thinly sliced or just regular-sized chicken breasts, from Walmart,” Winters said.

Winters said that the bags are not cheap, but each bag goes a long way and a lot of meals can be made with them.

“In the long run, it turns out really cheap because you get several filets and that’s the main course for several meals,” Winters said.

Vegetables and fruits are important in Winters’ meals, and she suggested buying bags of them to save money.

“You can also buy frozen bags of vegetables,” Winters said. “Buying bags of fruit like apples and oranges will go a long way, and apples are really filling, too.”

Winters suggested using coupons when buying groceries, or using an app called Ibotta.

“I think it (Ibotta) works best for people who buy a lot of groceries,” Winters said. “You can scan the codes on your grocery items and see if you can get cash back from that specific store.”

Winters said that she makes spaghetti with squash noodles and natural tomato sauce.

“(Natural tomato sauce) is sugar free, gluten free and everything good,” Winters said.

Exercising such as walking, running and working out at the gym are easy ways to stay in shape.

“There are several gyms in Troy, including the free one on campus, and that’s a great way to get in shape because you have that free opportunity,” Winters said.

On campus, there are several options available to students, including a track, a free gym and sidewalks to walk or run.

“The biggest thing is finding the time to do it,” Winters said. “I like to use the track at night and run.”

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