To succeed, go to class, work hard

Mandy Pascal

Skipping class and making assumptions can get you into academic trouble. Just ask Lacey Jones about her experience.
“I learned the hard way that professors really don’t play around about coming to class,” said Jones, a business major from Prattville who was a sophomore in the spring.
“My professor allowed us three unexcused absences per semester. I thought since attendance was not taken at every class, I could get away with just not going, but I wound up failing simply because I did not show up.”
With college freedom comes responsibility, including maintaining your grades and succeeding in the classroom.
“Three keys to academic success are to listen carefully, set priorities, and work hard; there is no substitute for working hard,” said Dr. John Kline, director of the university’s Institute for Leadership Development.
In an email interview, he encouraged students to listen not only with your ears, but also with your eyes, mind and heart. He said you need to always control your social life. Schoolwork needs to come first, and then use your spare time for leisure.
Kline takes class attendance seriously. He expects his students to be prepared. This includes doing assigned work and completing readings.
He said students should arrive for class early and come ready to learn. Taking notes not only helps you when you need to study, but it also lets the professor know you are participating.
“Take time to get to know your professors,” Kline said. “Know where their office is located, and visit them.  It is much easier to help students when you can put a face with a name.”
Troy University is the home to a multitude of study aids. If you need help writing a paper, try the Writing Center in 124 Eldridge Hall. Is math or science giving you a hard time? 126 Eldridge Hall is where you can find The Natural Science Center, which provides tutoring to students in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics.
According to trojan.troy
.edu/students, these offices are opened Monday through Friday during the fall and spring, and Monday through Thursday during the summer.
“My freshman year at Troy, the writing center was my best friend,” said Casey Hydrick, an athletic training major from Birmingham who was a sophomore in the spring. “I took every paper I wrote there to be proofed before turning it in just to make sure everything was correct.”
The library provides computers, bookshelves and study areas, spread among three floors. The library is open seven days a week and remains open until midnight most nights during the week. Hours are extended during exams.
“I always enjoy going to the library because that is where I get my best studying done,” Hydrick said. “I find a corner, put my headphones in and get to work.
“I have learned that making flash cards is an excellent study tool. I try to always have some made before I go to the library so that I can make sure I get as much accomplished as I can.”

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