‘Together We’ celebrates 10-year anniversary of dance department

Andrea Hammack

Staff Writer

Troy University’s dance department is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month. 

In light of this celebration, the dance department will be holding a performance, “Together We,” in order to reflect on the progress the department has made over the years. The performance will showcase the talents of Troy theater and dance alumni. 

Deborah Hicks, coordinator of dance, welcomes back the alumni who were instrumental to the department’s beginning. 

“Some will be in the audience, some have agreed to teach for Day of Dance, some have restaged the choreography you will see and some are performing in pieces originally set on them,” Hicks said. “I am thrilled to have them with us.”

Hicks also explains that they are celebrating the department itself for being so welcoming and encouraging.

“The department has challenged our dancers to be courageous, to take risks, to recognize the possibility, all of which translates into choices,” Hicks said. 

Kenzie Haynes, a Troy alumna from Nashville,  will be dancing in the show and says she is excited to be a part of displaying the history of the program. 

“The piece I do a solo in is called ‘Fire,’” Haynes said. “It’s incredible to get to do this special piece again. 

“There’s a sense of family and community being back with the current dancers and the other alumni that makes it really special.”

The show features many dances from the last 10 years, including the first piece ever performed at Troy, “Imagine,” and others such as “Love Me, Love Me Not” and “Build It Anyway.” 

Erin Smith, a junior dance major from Huntsville, choreographed the dance for “Generation Y.”

“The process of choreographing my piece has been challenging, but rewarding,” Smith said. “I got the opportunity to speak with the five alumni in my piece before I started this process to get advice from them.”

Smith based the movements in the piece off of the answers she received from the alumni when asked: “If you could give advice to your 21-year-old self, what would you say?”

“I intentionally tried to deliver their personal messages,” Smith explained. “Now that the piece is complete, the moving story is evident.”

Smith also adds that the preparation for the show started in early January and the rehearsals have been intense. 

“I think I speak for most dancers when I say that a big goal of mine is to make them proud of the department that they helped create,” Smith said.

According to Hicks, she never imagined the program would be anything like it is now and it wouldn’t be where it is without all of those that are being celebrated. 

Everyone involved expressed great appreciation toward working with the alumni and the level of importance that this performance places. 

“I think more than any other show this department has put up, this show really captures and highlights the journey and growth this school has seen,” Haynes said. 

“To see many generations of dance take the stage together is truly moving and worth any current or past student seeing.”

 “Together We” will be showing from Feb. 21 through Feb. 24 at the Trojan Center Theater. The show starts at 7 p.m. on Feb. 21 through Feb. 23 and 2 p.m. on Feb. 24. 

Tickets can be purchased at the Trojan Center Box Office and are $5 with Student ID and $10 without. 

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