Top five places to study on campus



By: Jason Fowler
Studying is hard enough as it is with only the subject matter to worry about. Add in noise, distractions and general boredom, and it can become a grueling task. These five places on campus have an atmosphere beneficial to studying.
5. Trojan Center
The Trojan Center can be a great place to get some reading done. It provides a relatively calm atmosphere with plenty of comfortable spots to sit and read, particularly in the upstairs lobby.

It is also the only spot on this list to offer a bookstore where students can purchase anything else that would assist in studying.

It also has a wide variety of snacking options if you get hungry. There is a food court on the ground floor of the building and a Starbuck’s coffee shop in the bookstore.
4. Bibb Graves Hall
The main lobby of Bibb Graves is a perfect place to study between classes if you are a commuter and don’t want to waste valuable time. There are plenty of comfy couches and chairs along with tables to study at.

The atrium is a good place to go when you have been staring at your dorm room walls for too long. Bibb Graves serves as an excellent getaway because most people there are studying.
3. The Quad
Sometimes it’s great to get outside, breathe fresh air and get a nice change of scenery. That is precisely what you will get on the quad.

This large open space is perfect for relaxing on the grass with a good book. The quad also has the advantage of a largely social atmosphere. Students can gather some study buddies and layout in the sun rather than stay cooped up indoors all the time.

The only drawback about the quad is, ironically, the social atmosphere. All the things going on and all the people around can get distracting. Still, it’s a very fun environment and provides a welcome break from classrooms and lecture halls.
2. Library
What could be more beneficial to reading than a building filled with books? Naturally, the library is a fantastic place to research all sorts of different subjects.

The library is fully stocked with books that cover a wide range of subjects from 19th century fiction to psychology.

In addition to the large amount of traditional paper resources, there are multiple computer consoles connected to the Internet and ready to bring any information in the world to your fingertips.
1. Eldridge Hall
Eldridge Hall is an impressive learning center. Here you can find a computer lab to assist in any research you could possibly need. In addition, the Writing Center offers a free tutoring service for all your writing needs.

One of the main strengths of Eldridge is that it is not only a quiet place to focus but also offers tutoring in subjects such as science, math and English. The tutors offer invaluable instruction in many different fields of academia.

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