Track’s field area updated

Zach Henson


The Troy Athletics Department is updating and expanding the field area near the track to give the team a better place to practice and host meets, according to Jeremy McClain, the director of athletics.

“When we built the new parking lot (across from the Trojan Center) and made some new changes to McKinley Drive there in front of the arena, it really condensed that space and made it difficult for us to do what we needed to do,” McClain said. “We had to revisit that area and it really meant reconfiguring that throws area for our track team.”

Marc Davis, the director of the track and field and cross country teams, and Michelle Clayton, the assistant coach of throws and weight training, explained that the new area will be much more functional than before.

“We will now have two new shot put circles with a training area in the middle,” Davis said. “It will sit above the hammer/discus circle, so it will be much better to be abler to coach multiple events.”

Clayton added that the new area will also allow meets to run smoother and better recruiting.

“The new throwing area will allow for more effective training due to the increase in area and will be a great facility for hosting meets at all levels,” Clayton said. “From a recruiting standpoint this was a must-have facility as many in our conference have upgraded recently, as well.”

Michael Alvernaz, a senior economics major and hammer thrower from Barrington, Rhode Island, and Jaevyn Wortham, a senior theater major and discus thrower from Detroit, Michigan, said they were excited for practices and meets to run more smoothly. 

“We now have multiple rings for up to three people to throw at a time,” Alvernaz said. “This speeds up practice and allows for more training to get done.”

“I’m excited about hosting meets and practices running smoothly,” Wortham added. “The expansion will allow practice to run faster and also safer.”

This update comes after a resurfacing of the track last year.

“We’re always trying to provide our student athletes with the best practice space we can,” McClain said. “It gives them space to reach their full potential.”

The first track and field home meet of the season and in “several years,” according to Clayton, will take place March 15 and 16.

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