Trojan Coach Chosen for National Olympic Development Program Camp

by: Cecilia Thorngren

TROY—Troy soccer head coach Chris Bentley has been selected, for the third year in a row, to be part of the coaching staff at the National Olympic Development Program Camp.

Bentley will run training sessions and scout players at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., between Feb. 28 and March 3 at the National Olympic Development Camp.

“It’s a great learning experience,” Bentley said. “It allows me to work with high caliber players.”

Bentley is looking forward to see other coaches and players in action, and he hopes to learn new things to bring back to the Troy soccer program.

“I get to go in and put Troy on the map to an extent,” Bentley said.

The main focus of the camp is to identify the best players in certain age groups, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. national teams in the future.

Bentley will help observe, train and identify players for placement in a national pool of the best players and potential national team players.

“Bentley’s work ethic and determination is commendable,” assistant head coach Claire Scanlan said.

“The local community and the campus can see the quality of individual that we have working within the soccer department.”

“Bentley being selected to be part of the coaching staff at the National Olympic Development Program Camp raises the profile of Troy University, and it gives credibility to the things that we do,” said Scanlan.

“It is reaffirming to me as a player and to our program that our coach knows what he’s doing,” said senior forward Maddie Tieken.

Tiekan went on to explain how empowering it is to know how fortunate they are to have so much talent on the team and that their coach knows how to bring the best out of them as a team.

“Chris’ work promotes the soccer program at Troy, and it also gives recruits a good incentive to join our team,” said freshman defender Kirsten Rendell.

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