Trojan family gathers to light memory of lost


(PHOTO/Joshua Thurston)


Staff Report


Students, faculty and family gathered on the quad on Wednesday, Jan. 15, to hold a candlelight vigil to say farewell to the four Troy students lost over Christmas break.

Speeches were given, and a poem was read before candles were lit to honor the students and their families.

Below are some of the inspirational words spoken during the vigil:

“We are not gathered here today to mourn the lives lost but to celebrate the lives lived.”  –  Associate Provost Hal Fulmer


“Oh Lord, bring about a new sense of healing in our brokenness.”  –  The prayer of Pastor Elijah Shafer.


“Death reminds us of how precious life is.”  –  John McCall, Troy University history professor


“These students represent so many aspects of our school – the international department, athletics and just the average student.” –  SGA President Cody Farrill


“Today we are called to remember them but we are also called to let them go.”  – John McCall, Troy University history professor


“Not all lessons are learned in the classroom. This life lesson is one that you will remember forever.”  

–  Chancellor Jack Hawkins

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