Trojan Games held at Butter & Egg

Garrett Sanders

Staff Writer

Troy Campus Recreation, in partnership with Butter & Egg Adventures, hosted the first Trojan Games.

The game was held on Thursday, April 22, at Butter & Egg Adventures from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“Our program offers a variety of sports and activities in order to accommodate Troy University’s dynamic student body,” Theresa Fuller, Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness with Campus Recreation, said.

The department also facilitates and supports wellness, leadership, collaborative partnerships and student development.

Fuller also commented on the beneficial opportunities students got to experience with the event on that Thursday evening.

“This event served as a good opportunity for Campus Recreation to connect with and serve the students of Troy University in promoting fun, fitness, healthy community and an environment conducive to positive socialization,” Fuller said.

The event was free to all Troy students, which gave them the opportunity to leave campus, destress before

finals week and socialize with other student groups for some friendly outdoor competition.

Trojan Games consisted of nine teams of six students to a team.

The event included laser tag, kickball and golf, along with three other games.

Teams were scored on their participation of each game with the top three highest scoring teams receiving gift cards provided by Butter & Egg Adventures.

When asked about the future of potentially holding more events to benefit Troy students, Fuller said the Campus Recreation Department is working to potentially have even more events planned for fall semester of 2021 and spring semester of 2022.

Fuller also said that a calendar of events will be available to students soon.

For more information on special events and programs, follow the Troy Recreation Department’s social media pages @TroyCampusRec.

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