Trojan license plates rank third: Highest-selling university plate in the state behind Alabama and Auburn

Lilly Casolaro

Staff Writer

Troy University is the third top seller of university license plates in Alabama.

According to the motor vehicle division of the Alabama Department of Revenue, there were a total of 9,410 Troy University license plates registered from October 2014 to September 2015.

In 2014, the total came to 7,990; there was at least one Troy University tag in each of the 67 counties in the state.

The University of Alabama and Auburn University have the highest numbers of license plates in each county except one — Pike County.

With 1,917 tags, Troy University leads at its home county with the most number of university license plates.

University of Alabama leads statewide with 103,321 plates followed by Auburn with 68,067.

The 2015 report released by the Alabama Department of Revenue details the number of specified tags, including university plates, registered in each county of Alabama.

These tags are purchased through one’s local department of motor vehicles. A purchaser may opt to personalize the tag.

There is a $50 fee associated with personalizing a Troy license plate, according to the Alabama department of revenue. A $5 issuance fee will be charged additionally, as per a law passed by the Alabama Legislature during its last session in           2015.

3,571 of the total registered Troy tags are personalized.

According to, $48.75 of the $50 it costs to personalize a Troy tag is donated to several of Troy University’s institutional scholarships: the Trojan Pride, Legacy and study abroad scholarships.

Troy University’s Trojan Pride scholarship is awarded to senior or graduate Troy campus students from Alabama with a 3.0 GPA.

The Legacy scholarship is awarded to students whose parents are alumni of Troy.

The current Troy tag design has been issued since April 2012.

According to the department of revenue website, the plate design changes every five years.

Troy students with a Troy tag receive a free parking decal for the academic school year. Those without the tag pay $75 for a decal.

Miriam Davis, a sophomore interpreter training major from Pratt­ville, purchased a Troy license plate and said it is one way for students to show their Trojan pride.

“I think a lot of people get the Troy license plates to save money,” Davis said. “At the same time, it shows everyone where we go to school and that we are proud to be Trojans.

“I frequently see Troy license plates when I’m driving around the Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook areas. It’s always awesome to see them and to know how many students proudly represent our university.”

Faith Ward, director of alumni affairs, said that the Troy license plates serve many purposes.

“The Troy tags allow you to show your pride in Troy, give back to the university through scholarship funds and help advertise Troy within your local community,” Ward said.

Ward’s primary role with the car tags is marketing to alumni, reminding them to renew when the time comes.

“We send out notices to alums reminding them that the Troy tag is only $50 more than their regular tag,” she said.  “It’s like a free billboard riding around on a car.”

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