Trojan Treasure: Chi Alpha


By Jill Odom

For readers just now joining in, the Trojan Treasures articles feature a new or unheard of organization each week. If you want to have your organization mentioned, please email

The fourth Trojan Treasure is Chi Alpha, a Christian fellowship organization that meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Trojan Center ballrooms. Chi Alpha is open to all students.

Chi Alpha was originally formed in 1968, but Justin Felch, who is also the campus pastor, founded the current group in 2005.  They average just under 100 students per service.

The name Chi Alpha is short for “christou apostoloi,” meaning “Christ’s sent ones.”  This name represents the organization itself as they see themselves as Christ’s ambassadors. The Greek letters chi, X, and alpha, A, make up their logo, XA.

The group is here to give the community a safe place for people from any background to come commune with God and others.  The group’s main focus is to deepen relationships with each other and with God.  Students can meet to worship, learn and fellowship with one another.

“My favorite thing about Chi Alpha is the sense of family and the diversity that is there,” Andy Adamson, a junior history major from Lineville, said. “As a group of believers there are so many denominations represented, all there because they love God and love each other and want to help each other out and be there for each other.”

Adamson explained that he heard about Chi Alpha from his youth pastor at home and immediately felt at home with the group.

They also have to opportunity to relax at The Loft during the week, Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are located at the square at 75 Elm St. above Joel Williams Law Office.

Chi Alpha has had prayer meetings on the quad. They have also helped freshmen move in and help on move out as well.

Those wanting more information about Chi Alpha can check out their website at



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