Trojan Treasure: International Justice Mission


By Jill Odom

The Trojan Treasure for this week is International Justice Mission, more commonly known as IJM, which is Troy’s campus chapter that fights for justice for the oppressed by raising awareness and fundraising.

The first meeting is Thursday, Sept. 5, at 6:30 p.m. in Trojan Ballroom A. They meet every other Thursday, alternating with the sister organization Stella’s Voice, which also fights human trafficking.

Sara Kate Peavy formed this chapter of IJM in February 2012, but on the global scale, International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that has made it their purpose to rescue individuals subjected to slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of oppression.

The group is a Christian organization but is welcoming to anyone. IJM’s main goal is to get the Troy community educated and involved in the cause to stop the worldwide injustice of slavery.

This semester the organization plans to host a 5K in October or November to raise awareness. They also hope to form a working relationship between IJM and the Troy Police Department.

Mac Delorme, president of IJM, is hopeful that by forming a relationship with them, the police department will assist with events. IJM also hopes to get the police department plugged into anti-human trafficking groups in Alabama.

“IJM at Troy is a way for Troy students to get tangibly involved in ending slavery in the world today,” said Delorme, a sophomore human services major from Atlanta. “IJM is an opportunity for Troy Trojans to stand up saying that our generation is not one that will allow for the injustice of slavery to exist in the world.”

International Justice Mission is also planning on doing a yard sign fundraiser to sell to churches, businesses and people in general. The signs would say something along the lines of “Troy is in it to end it” or something similar.

For more information on IJM find them on Facebook at Troy International Justice Mission, or follow them on Twitter @troyijm.

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