Trojan Treasures: M.I.S.S. Elite Society


By: Jill Odom

Trojan Treasures is a new section that will feature the new and unheard of organizations at Troy. If you want to have your organization mentioned please email

The first Trojan Treasure is the M.I.S.S. Elite Society, which is dedicated to Motivating and Instilling Sophisticated Students into an Elite Society. This group formed in the spring of 2011 and currently has 30 members. Unfortunately it is only for women, but there is a male counterpart known as 101 E.L.I.T.E. Men.

Their goal is to motivate female students into being more civic-minded citizens and to empower women to hold themselves to a higher distinction. The first meeting will be in Trojan Center room 224 on August 28at 5 p.m. Dues are $15 a year.

M.I.S.S. Elite participates in three community service projects per semester. They are involved in events such as Poetry Night, Relay for Life, Cleanup Day, Back to School Supply Drive, Breast Cancer Awareness Day and the Canned Food Drive.

This organization is focused on teaching women from different backgrounds how to present themselves in job interviews and similar social situations. They promote and teach women to hold themselves the way a woman should.

“We require you to carry yourself to hold yourself to a higher standard as a woman, whether you are wearing a T-shirt or just hanging out with your friends,” said President Tierra Belser, a senior human services major from Caryville, Fla.

Aside from community service the group helps teach you to hold yourself as a woman, how to respect others despite their diverse upbringings and culture, and promotes equality.

President Tierra Belser stated that her greatest desire is for these women to “carry themselves as classy, beautiful, educated women.”

For those interested in this organization feel free to follow them on Facebook at Ems Troy and @Ms_elitesociety on Twitter.

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