Trojan Village fire alarm

Lilly Casolaro

Staff Writer

Over the move-in weekend, multiple fire alarms resounded across campus.

Overuse and overheating of a Trojan Village 400 elevator were the cause of a fire alarm on Sunday afternoon according to a Mowrey Elevator maintenance employee.

The smoke detector located in the elevator sensed the overheating. This caused the motor to be replaced in the elevator; a repair that took approximately twelve hours.

One resident who was awakened from a nap by the noise was startled by the sudden trigger of the alarm.

Christina Carlisle, a senior elementary education major from Springville, sees this as a major issue that should have been addressed as part of routine building checks and maintenance before students began moving in to ensure safety of tenants.

“Just tell people ‘don’t overuse the elevator,’” said Carlisle.

The signaling of the fire alarm was not the only indication that the elevator was in need of a maintenance check. According to Carlisle, approximately three hours before the fire alarm went off, visitors heard yelling coming from trapped passengers in the stuck elevator.

Earlier in the weekend, Newman Center 100’s fire alarm sounded twice on Saturday night around 7:30 p.m. and 3 a.m causing a temporary disturbance and relocation of residents. Two fire trucks and one police vehicle were at the scene of the first speculated fire.

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