Trojan Zone to be relocated

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Sable Riley


Trojan Zone owners are currently considering re-opening at a location downtown or using a food truck, according to Lise Fayson, co-owner of the sports bar with her husband Tim Fayson.

Lise Fayson said the abrupt closure on March 31 of this year was because the landlord sold the piece of land they were renting.

“We couldn’t do anything because it’s stated in our contract that if the landlord sells the land, we have to yield,” said Lise Fayson.

Trojan Zone was open to the public at its last location for four and a half years. It served wings with originally-crafted sauces, burgers, wraps, chips and a variety of alcoholic beverages and more.

“Our special recipes and the quality of our ingredients, especially the big wings, help us to stand out among other alike restaurants in Troy,” said Lise Fayson.

Taylor Bottoms, a senior English major from Columbus, Georgia, said he had been a loyal customer of Trojan Zone since his freshman year, attending discount wing nights on Tuesday’s and watching football on game nights.

According to him, Trojan Zone catered well to college students because the menu options were affordable and the atmosphere was casual.

“The restaurant really worked towards college kids who wanted to dine out on a budget every now and then,” said Bottoms.

Tim Fayson told The Messenger, a Troy newspaper, in April that the old building allowed the owners to develop their concept, but they would like to expand their vision at a new location.

“We want to thank all of our customers and all the people that supported us over these four and a half years,” Tim Fayson told The Messenger. “We just want to bring something more appealing and bring more value to the community.”

The Tropolitan will continue to give updates on Trojan Zone’s new location as decisions are made.

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