Trojans fall to South in season finale

by Harrison Glackmeyer 

The Troy Trojans women’s basketball team played against South Alabama this past week, suffering a loss in the final seconds of the game. 

 The first quarter, with every point South scored, the Trojans followed closely behind. As the quarter came to an end, Ja’Mia Hollings was assisted by Mary Delgado and successfully made a layup putting the Trojans at 16 points. 

Unfortunately, the Trojans were not able to score or keep up their defense for the rest of the quarter. South Alabama’s Casey Ferguson scored a jumper in the final five seconds putting South Alabama further ahead. The first quarter ended with the Trojans 25-16 with the Trojans nine points behind. 

The second quarter’s first points were scored by Jada Walton, a senior at Troy, when she made a layup in the first three minutes. Walton went on to assist Tai’sheka Porchia, a junior at Troy, to score a jumper.

The Trojans held their ground until the remaining five minutes of the second quarter. South Alabama was leading 25-20 and continued to score four points, beating Troy by two to close out the first half. 

The third quarter began with the Trojans missing a jumper and a rebound allowing South Alabama to make a jumper to stay in the lead. After being fouled two times, the Trojans turned the ball over and South Alabama made two for two in free throws. 

With eight minutes left in the third quarter, Porchia scored a layup putting the Trojans only four points behind. The Trojans eventually tied at 42 points in the final minutes and finished the quarter out on top 47-44. 

At the beginning of the final quarter, South Alabama was fouled and allowed the Trojans to make two back-to-back free throws putting them four points ahead 48-44. Kelsey Thompson, on South Alabama’s team, made a steal during the seventh minute while shooting a jumper – scoring South’s first points in the final quarter. 

In the final minute, Makayla Hallmon scored a jumper, putting Troy in the lead by two points. Gabbi Cartagena, a sophomore, fouled for the Trojans, giving Ferguson the opportunity to score two free throws and leaving South Alabama one point behind. 

The two teams used their final timeouts in the last three seconds, and Kelsey Thompson from South Alabama scored a game-winning jumper to finish the game 60-59. 

The Trojans were upset but proud of the fight they put up and are ready for the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, which they will compete in as the fourth seed this upcoming week.

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