Trojans set for a repeat?

KeyShon Taggart

Staff Writer

The Troy Trojans are in a very interesting position heading into this Homecoming weekend. 

The Trojans are 6-2 and 4-0 in the Sun Belt Conference, tied at the top of their division with Georgia Southern. After Appalachian State’s loss this past week to Georgia Southern, the Trojans have an opportunity to beat both teams and win yet another Sun Belt Championship with games against both teams coming Nov. 11 and Nov. 24.

The question is, what is going on with the Trojans after the slip-up against Liberty and the huge bounce-back win against South Alabama? 

The answer to that question is …

They had to get back on track after losing their starting quarterback, Kaleb Barker, for the year to a torn ACL. After losing such a big part of the offense, of course, the team was going to suffer some setbacks. 

The only offensive production came from the running game and some big passing plays, with backup Sawyer Smith wildly inaccurate. Communication with receivers seemed to be off, leading to a big loss against Liberty. 

With another 10 days to prepare for South Alabama, the Trojans had to fix the offense that was tailormade for Baker and find what Smith was comfortable with. You can easily see the difference, with Smith passing for 158 yards and three touchdowns compared to his 135 yards and one touchdown for the game before. 

With the improvement of Smith’s passing, a stout running game, and the great defense Troy has been playing, the Trojans have a huge opportunity to take over the Sun Belt once again. 

Now, the Trojans are looking at a bid for another New Orleans Bowl berth, but  they control their own destiny in regard to the inaugural Sun Belt finale.

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