Trojans share spring break stories

Anushka K.C.

Staff Writer
According to Time Magazine, the arrival of spring, also known as the season of fertility and awakening, was historically celebrated in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus, the Greek and Roman gods of wine. Similarly, spring break is now a time to rejuvenate and take a break from hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Spring break has now past. The week-long vacation tempts all students to take a break from their day-to-day schedule. Whether it be spending time at home or going somewhere, there are many stories to tell once everyone is back in Troy, and almost everyone is excited to share.
Hongxi Liang, a graphic design major from Guangdong, China, shared his exciting advenure for the break.
“First I went to Atlanta and watched an NBA game. After that I flew to Chicago with my friends,” he said.
Liang talked about his visit to the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the oldest art museums in the United States.
“It was very beautiful, and it was the best part of my trip. It made me love Chicago more than Atlanta.”
Since many students take this time to travel to different places around the U.S. or sometimes in other countries, the university had very few students remaining on the premises. Faculty members, on the other hand, were seen working some days during the break.
“I got five days off,” said John William Jinright, associate professor of music.
After working long hours for many days, he expressed his happiness at having time to spend with his family.
Jinright also shared that over the break he had started working on a project for his wife. He said he worked on building a workshop for his wife’s crafts behind their house.
“I spent the rest of the break with my family and my pets, though most of the time I was up on a ladder building something or the other,” Jinright said.
Jack Marquet, an environmental science major from Birmingham, spent his spring break rather differently. With his rendezvous at a Mexican club called El Sol, a backpacking trip to Talladega and a concert in Birmingham, Marquet explored completely different tangents in his spring break.
“I hiked 24 miles from Adams Gap to Mount Cheaha,” Marquet stated. “It’s the highest point in Alabama.
“It was really beautiful. I really enjoyed my time out there. I didn’t use my phone much, so I was really disconnected from everything.
“It was my first time doing any kind of backpacking trip like that, so it was really fun and spiritual for me. It was also a lot tougher than I thought. I packed less than I should have.”
Marquet also had fun at the free concert his friend invited him to. Watching the Lawrence and Walker Lukens perform was better than he had initially expected them to be.
Overall, it seems that spring break is a time of relaxation, spending time with family and trying new things. No matter how it was spent, sharing spring break stories is something like an exciting tradition for many.

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