Trojans suffer another defeat at home

Wes Fortson

Staff Writer




After a rain delay of nearly an hour on Saturday, Sept. 13, the Trojans fell to Abilene Christian by a score of 38-35.

Troy received the opening kick and failed to score on the opening drive. The Wildcats marched down the field and scored early showing off their dominant offensive system.

In the second quarter, Troy showed a surge of energy by going up 21-7 before the half.

The Trojans had more than 100 yards in the second quarter alone and senior nickelback Femi Odaibo got his first interception of his Trojan career.

Troy also didn’t allow Abilene Christian to convert on a single third down conversion and held them to just 31 yards of offense in the second quarter.

After the half the Trojan defense weakened, and allowed the Wildcats to earn over 200 yards total in the third quarter alone and tie up the score at 28 apiece.

That wasn’t the only worry of the Trojans. Redshirt freshman quarterback Brandon Silvers ended up coming out of the game after a suspected concussion, leaving it all up to junior quarterback Dontreal Pruitt.

Abilene Christian went on a 31-7 run in the second half to beat the Trojans.

Troy didn’t go down without a fight though. The Trojans scored with only 20 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter and attempted an onside kick that was sadly recovered by the Wildcats.

For the full description of the game, pick up a copy of the Tropolitan on Thursday, Sept. 18.

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