Trojans take down Warhawks

by Dylan Seymore

The Trojan women’s basketball team coasted toward a win Saturday in Louisiana. The Trojans took on the ULM Warhawks in Fant-Ewig Coliseum winning the sweep this season 108-82.  The Trojans outscored the Warhawks in three quarters of play. In the third quarter, the Warhawks did manage to match the Trojans scoring with 23. This win is the 18th straight in which the Trojans have managed to score more than 75 points. 

Speaking of wins, the Trojans have won 11 of their last 12 conference games with help from Tai’Sheka Porchia and Ja’Mia Hollings, who each had a double-double against the Warhawks. Porchia recorded 22 points with 10 rebounds while Ja’Mia had Hollings had 14 points and 10 rebounds. ULM had a lead for less than two minutes in the first quarter. The Trojans would then get a lead of 8-7 and would never give the lead back to the Warhawks. 

The Trojans were running the fast break as 26 points came from them pushing the ball up the floor. Troy was not only scoring the ball at will against the Warhawks, but the Trojans also played tremendous defense as they racked up 15 steals in the game. The win over ULM puts the Trojans at an 16-9 record with an 11-3 record in conference play. The next game for the Troy women’s basketball team will be Thursday at 6 p.m. in Trojan Arena. 

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