TrojanVision remodels studio

Luke Brantley


Troy University’s television news program, TrojanVision News, is debuting its new studio within the next week.

Work on the studio began on Tuesday, to the excitement of the Trojan­Vision staff. The new studio includes updated sets, desks, lighting, monitors, flooring and more.

“We have a really neat chance to see our work go into a studio that matches our level of work,” said Paige Weeks, a senior broadcast journalism major from Elba and the student news director for TrojanVision. 

Weeks and other senior members of TrojanVision are eager to get to broadcast from the new studio before graduating. 

According to Jeff Herring, the producer and director of TrojanVision, the new studio should be up and running by the end of next week. 

The new studio was made possible by a $100,000 donation from its namesake, Earl Hutto. After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II, Hutto graduated from Troy State University in 1949. 

At Troy, Hutto studied broadcast journalism, a field he continued to study and work in after he graduated. Hutto went on to serve eight terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida.

“We make sure the kids know that it was a generous donation that put us here,” said Aaron Taylor, the television production coordinator for TrojanVision. 

Kyle Bozeman, the television station manager for TrojanVision, said that he had been wanting to update the appearance of the studio for a long time, and Hutto’s donation created the perfect opportunity. 

“Here’s a big chunk of money,” Bozeman said, “What can we do to look better?”

Bozeman also explained the importance of the new studio, saying it will serve as a valuable tool for education and recruitment. 

Also included in the renovations are a set of windows that will allow people to watch the broadcast from the hallway. Taylor said this will allow large groups to watch broadcasts in person without crowding the studio. 

Taylor also said the larger studio will be more practical for large events like J-Day, since more people can fit inside. 

The new studio consists of a main news desk, a second multipurpose desk and a new green screen for the weather and other segments. 

Before the excitement of a new studio, new pieces for the set would have to be contracted out and built individually. In one instance, Taylor said he built a desk himself. 

According to Bozeman, the main goal for the new studio is to look more professional, neat and “splashy.” 

Bozeman also said news organizations in the past weren’t worried about how their studios looked in person, but only focused on what they looked like on television; however, this trend has begun to change recently. 

Bozeman said he wanted the Trojan­Vision studio to be competitive with commercial news studios. The new studio might even be nicer than some commercial news studios, especially those in smaller markets, he said.   

“We’re excited about this,” said Bozeman. “We are always looking for ways to improve the student experience. I think it will serve the department, the university and the students well.” 

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