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Welcome to a new feature of where we are bringing you our favorite snacks and meals for you to try while you are stuck indoor.

Cooking is a great hobby to pick up now that you have the time, and it’s also probably one of the most long-term beneficial ones.

One thing you’ve probably seen around the internet lately is the whipped coffee, popularized by teenagers discovering the drink and posting it to the app TikTok. (Though Trop editor Pradyot Sharma’s refined taste led him to first noticing it on a post from the BBC.)  The coffee, properly named Dalgona coffee, has roots in East Indian and South Korean cultures.

Dalgona Coffee is named for a type of Korean candy and was first popularized in South Korea. It’s popularity has spread across the globe during the same period as social distancing.

According to Google statistics, the term whipped coffee was almost never searched until Jan, 26, when the search grew dramatically as the drink increased in popularity.

It’s a very simple recipe and it has an extremely pleasing appearance, making it a fun and pretty way to get your morning coffee fix in.

For one serving all you need is:

1 tablespoon of your chosen brand of instant coffee

1 tablespoon of granulated sugar

1 tablespoon of water

½ cup of your choice of milk

A handful of ice cubes


In a bowl, add the coffee, sugar and water and whip with a mixer for about 1-2 minutes, until it is light in color and meets your standards for fluffiness.

After whipping, put ice and milk into a glass and spoon the coffee mixture on top.

While the drink naturally separates, many drinkers, including me, prefer to mix it together and it gives it a lovely foamy iced latte texture.

You can also add flavored syrups or extracts to your liking but overall, just enjoy!

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