Trop Trivia: $2 Movie Edition

1. How many “Mission Impossible” movies are there?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 4

D) 3

2. What country was “The Meg” filmed in?

A) Australia

B) Japan

C) New Zealand

D) The United States

3. The director of “The Happytime Murders,” is the son of what famous American

actor/ director/etc.?

A) Steven Spielberg

B) Quentin Tarantino

C) Jim Henson

D) Martin Scorsese

4. Joey King, who plays Wren in “Slender Man,” starred in what Netflix original movie?

A) “The Package”

B) “The Kissing Booth”

C) “War Machine”

D) “The Discovery”





Answers: 1. A  2. C  3. C  4. B

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