Tropolitan provides platform for opinions

Pradyot Sharma

Opinion Editor

The purpose of a university can be summed up best in the words of former Yale President Angelo Giamatti, who said, “Universities are not here to be a medium for the coercion of other people; they are here to be mediums for the exchange of free ideas.”

This role of educational institutions especially holds true in the polarized world that we live in today where even a slight difference in opinion can spur hatred and violence. This divide has also entered college campuses across the nation, which threatens the founding principle of a free society.

To stop this epidemic, we the next generation must learn to disagree in a civilized manner, have a clash of ideas and create widespread discussions on matters that affect our school, nation and society.

As students, it is up to us to protect this privilege that we enjoy, the exercise of which has driven societal progress for over a millennium.

The Tropolitan will engage in these discussions throughout the year through editorials and columns in the opinion page where our staff can express their ideas and beliefs on matters of relevance to Trojans. We will cover issues affecting our school, community and nation, aiming to spark a conversation and address issues that affect students on campus.

We also want to provide a platform for Troy students, faculty and staff to freely express their opinions so that we can have campuswide discussions on pressing issues through contributed columns or letters to the editor. You can address a relevant topic or voice your thoughts on stories that we publish. Feel free send your columns or letters to

We are the next generation of leaders in society, and voicing our opinions on issues we face today is critical to shape the world of tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a great year ahead!

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