Troy believes in miracles

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The Troy baseball and softball programs hosted Troy’s Miracle League, a local baseball league for special-needs children and adults. The league usually plays at the Troy Recreation Center, but celebrated opening day at Riddle-Pace field as Trojan fans watched along.


Scott Shelton

Staff Writer

About 50 special-needs children, adults and their families gathered under the lights of Riddle-Pace Field on Monday for the opening day of the Miracle League in Troy.

Monday night gave an opportunity for special-needs children and adults to play baseball with Troy baseball and softball players. 

The players were assigned to either the Braves, Angels or Cubs and were assigned to a partner from the Troy baseball and softball teams.

“The most joyous thing to see is my players interacting with these kids,” said Troy Head Coach Mark Smart. “It is wonderful to witness everything be about just participating and having fun.

“It gives our players a unique opportunity to see joy and be a part of something bigger.”

Sheila Compton, a mother to one of the players and a volunteer for the Miracle League, spoke about the event being held at Troy University. 

“It is extra special to have it at Riddle-Pace and for the community to come together tonight,” said Sheila Compton. “The best part is just seeing everyone come out and be with one another.

“We put this on because it is something where we can get the community involved, and the college does a wonderful job of helping us.”

2019 marked the second year that Riddle-Pace Field was host to the Miracle League’s opening night. 

“Last year, they came up with the idea of having it here,” Compton said. “It seemed like something the kids would enjoy.”

Chase Smartt, a senior catcher for the team, pitched to the players and spoke about the league playing at Riddle-Pace Field.

“It’s special for me to watch them on this field,” Smartt said. “And it’s special for us. It’s all about the kids tonight.”

The Miracle League holds its games every Monday and Thursday night at 6 p.m. on the Miracle League Field at the Troy Recreation Center.

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