Troy: Elevator certificates not expired

(Photo/Luke Brantley)

Luke Brantley

Variety Editor

Many elevators on campus are currently displaying expired certificates of operation, but according to Troy University Facility Operations Manager Bronson Terry, everything is up to date and updated certificates will be displayed soon.

Terry said that the inspections, which are required annually by state law, took place before the beginning of the semester.

According to Terry, the process of getting elevators inspected and receiving new certificates from the state is a lengthy process which can take months. 

Some students feel that the lengthy process is no excuse for displaying expired permits.

“It sounds like a lame excuse,” said David Walker, a sophomore computer science major from Montgomery, Alabama. “They had plenty of time in advance to deal with the certificates. It’s like someone blaming traffic for why he’s late to work.”  

Terry said that inspectors from Mowrey Elevator, a Florida-based company that manufactures and services elevators across the southeast, inspected the elevators back in January.

Terry said that after the inspections, the paperwork must move through several steps and organizations before the university receives the permits for the elevators.

Once the university has paid, the state will send the certificates to be displayed in the elevators. Terry said that the entire process can take a few months to complete, but assured that the elevators have been inspected.

“We are very much in compliance, and the elevators are in good shape,” he said. 

“To be honest, this is something that I didn’t really notice,” said Katrina Shorey, a freshman social work major from Deatsville, Alabama. “They should update them so that the people who do pay attention won’t think they’re expired.” 

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