Troy Futból Club’s second season is underway

Pratiksha Joshi
Staff Writer

Although Troy University does not have a formally sponsored men’s soccer team, the Troy Futból Club (Troy FC) provides male students with the opportunity to play soccer competitively.
Established in the fall semester of 2015 by Jeremie Murray, Richard Mieja and Zach Sharp, Troy FC’s second soccer season is currently underway, but it is looking to spread awareness of the club and to see an increase in student support.
“Right from the beginning, we have had people to play,” said Jeremie Murray, a senior global business major from Panama City, Florida.
“We train them, to build them into leaders. We encourage them to work hard and push them to their limits.”
Troy FC is a member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).
According to NIRSA’s website, NIRSA “believes that collegiate recreation is a significant and powerful key to inspiring wellness in local, regional and global communities.”
The team competes against other in-state and out-of-state universities, such as the University of Alabama and Florida State University.
As president, Murray has been utilizing his marketing and business skills to promote the club as well as build partnerships with businesses in Troy, such as Troy Bank & Trust and Hook’s BBQ.
According to the Troy FC’s Facebook page, both Troy Bank & Trust and Hook’s BBQ have made charitable donations to the organization, allowing the Troy FC to continue to compete on a collegiate level.
Troy FC currently has 24 members from 11 different nations, including players from Spain, Belgium and China.
“We have so much diversity in our club,” said Richard Mieja, a senior criminal justice major from Camp Humphreys, South Korea, and treasurer of the Troy FC. “It is the perfect example of what can be accomplished when people put their differences aside and unite behind a common goal.”
Jason Wingate, assistant professor in the College of Education, has been involved with this club since the spring of 2016.
“I help them out when I can and know who to talk to in the university,” said Wingate. “I also review the club’s financial status.”
Once a soccer coach in high school, Wingate also helps the players in their training.
Troy FC also considers their academic performance to be just as important as their performance on the field.
“Here, we are students before players, so studies come first. Our average GPA here is a 3.4,” said Mieja.
Player, manager, and coaching positions are currently available within the organization. To get involved with the Troy FC, individuals can contact Jeremie Murray at or Richard Mieja at
For more information, visit the Troy FC’s official team website at

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