Troy gets new football fan after act of kindness

Abby Taylor

Assistant News Editor

Fifth-grader Sam Kubert of Omaha, Nebraska, was upset when the Trojans beat both of his favorite teams, Nebraska and LSU. 

But the Trojans extended some kindness and a letter from Head Coach Neal Brown in hopes of getting a new Troy fan.

When the Trojans took on a win Sept. 15 against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Sam’s father, Greg Kubert, tweeted about his son being a Nebraska and LSU football fan, tagging the Trojans football team. Troy defeated LSU in 2017.

The tweet reads: “Dear @Troy­TrojansFB: My eldest son is a Husker fan, and for some unexplained reason a huge LSU fan too. Why do you hate my 5th grader? He’s a great kid! All jokes aside, you earned your win today. Best of luck the rest of the season.”

Brown responded with a note that read:“Sam, I hope we can convince you to become a Troy fan. We’ve included a few items to show your support.”

The note was sent with a Troy hoodie and polo, both for Sam to wear to show his support for Troy.

“The hoodie, I’m probably going to use it for under my helmet when I’m playing lacrosse,” Sam Kubert said.

“On my end of it, it was obviously unexpected,” Greg Kubert said. “Sam and I put together that Troy beat our favorite team, you know, I just felt like making a little joke.

“I’m not a big-time Twitter user at all; this was the first time that I ever had anything have that much reaction.” 

Greg Kubert said this was better than “griping and complaining about my team losing.”

“The folks at Troy were just so positive about (the tweet),” Greg Kubert said. “It really kind of helped to reinforce the idea that being positive goes a lot further than being negative about stuff.”

Sam Kubert said he was shocked when Troy reached out to him.

Greg Kubert said he received a lot of positive responses from Troy alumni and Troy students regarding his tweet.

“One thing that just really tickled me was just how much Troy alumni replied back,” Greg Kubert said. “It’s just one of those things that makes you feel pretty optimistic about the years to come.”

“We were nice, and they (Troy) were nicer back,” Sam Kubert said.

Sam Kubert said he is now a Troy football fan.

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