Troy names interim chancellor

Oluwaseun Omotayo

Staff Writer

Troy’s Vice-Chancellor of International Programs, Sohail Agboatwala, has been named Interim Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration.

According to Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr., Agboatwala’s appointment will be effective Saturday, May 1.

Agboatwala, who arrived at Troy University more than 30 years ago, earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991 and a Master of Business Administration in 1993.

“Troy University literally means the world to me,” Agboatwala said. “It allowed me the opportunity to come study in the United States, provided me a safe and welcoming environment that afforded me the opportunity to hone my skills, both academic and interpersonal, matching opportunities to abilities to allow me to progress to this point in my life.”

Agboatwala has had several opportunities to serve Troy University in various leadership roles. He has been a graduate assistant for Academic Support for Student-Athletes, an adjunct instructor, director of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes, director of Auxiliary Services and Student Activities, associate vice chancellor for Student Financial Services and associate vice chancellor for Business Services.

Agboatwala said he encourages all students to step out of their comfort zone into leadership roles available on campus.

“The advice I would offer to students, all students, is to find that sweet spot — the opportunity that allows one to excel,” Agboatwala said. “Meet people, network, socialize, collaborate, participate, find ways to get involved in student governance and make your voice heard.

“Work with your faculty, seek mentoring and serve as a mentor when given the opportunity.”

Agboatwala said he looks forward to working with others to accomplish the goal of creating globally aware graduates ready for the marketplace.

“I welcome the opportunity to listen and learn about the needs of our students and stakeholders so we may provide students a seamless experience and meet realistic expectations as they arrive at Troy University,” Agboatwala concluded.

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