Troy offers new flight program for the fall

JoJo McBride

Staff Writer


Troy University students have a new program option this fall with the introduction of its new flight school program.

The new pilot program is a partnership between Troy University officials, The City of Troy and Mauna Loa Helicopters of Troy (Troy Aviation).

According to Govind Menon, department chair of Chemistry and Physics, the program had been in the works for about a year and a half before it became available to the students.

Menon said that the university’s chemistry and physics department is hosting the program; however, Trojan Aviation will provide the pilots and pilot instructors.

The new flight school program will allow students to earn private pilot licenses.

Even though the program is projected to appeal to more military students, Menon said, “You can expect a private student, who wants a private pilot’s license, not a commercial pilot’s license, they just want to learn how to fly.”

Students can expect a hefty price tag to gain this license, as it runs around $10,000, according to Menon.

However, this price pales in comparison to the cost of getting a commercial license, which can cost around $60,000.

Theory and practical courses are offered with the program, so students will have classroom lectures as well as hands on pilot training.

Menon explained that all of the course instruction will be done by Trojan Aviation; however, Troy certifies the Trojan Aviation pilots and pilot instructors.

Just like other courses on campus, there will be fees attached to the course.

According to the Mauna Loa website, this program will allow students to ear an Associate of Applied Sciences or Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Aviation Operations.

“The good thing is, if you just want to learn how to fly and you want a private license, you also get a minor out of it,” Menon said. “So it does go into your academic curriculum.”

Students may also choose helicopter or fixed-wing training as well as additional courses from Troy University.

The number of students in the program has not been determined yet.

Menon said that Trojan Aviation knows the projected numbers because they have analyzed the market for the program.

There have been several students interested in the program, all of which were involved in the military.

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