Troy ranked in ‘Best Schools for Vets’

Emma Daniel

News Editor

Troy University has been ranked among the top 20 “Best for Vets” colleges in the United States by the Military Times, out of around 500 colleges in the survey.

Nearly 30% of the Troy campus is made up of military-affiliated students, the largest amount of any college in the country.

The Troy for Troops Center offers a host of services to any students with military affiliation, and according to James Lester, a junior criminal justice major from Glenwood and an Air Force veteran, it really makes veterans’ affairs easier for students.

“Troy for me is probably the best school for vets just because we have the largest veteran populous on campus,” he said. “Before I got out of the service, I was especially nervous about going back to college. 

“That was probably a harder decision than making the decision to join the military.”

Lester said he was worried about being older than other students, as well as possibly not connecting with other students. But he says Troy for Troops guided him into a more comfortable environment.

“They introduced me to more veteran students around campus and eased my anxiety.”

Lester said counselors were able to help him register for classes and acclimate to the new environment. 

“At Troy, we take great pride in supporting those who have sacrificed so much for freedom both at home and around the globe,” Chancellor Jack Hawkins told Troy Today. “Rankings such as these serve to validate our efforts are well-placed.”

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