Troy ranks No. 630 on Forbes’ list of best schools

Alyse Nelson
Features Editor

Forbes Magazine has released its annual list of the nation’s top 650 colleges; Troy University clocks in at No. 630.
“It’s always good to receive external validation–that the University is excelling in its mission to educate the mind to think, the body to act and the heart to feel,” said Clifton Lusk, Coordinator for University Relations, about the accomplishment. “I know that sounds cliché, but when there’s clarity of purpose, others recognize it.”
According to Forbes, the 2014 list was compiled based on “a winning formula of high student satisfaction and graduation rates, alumni career success and low student debt.”
Troy sits below eight other schools in Alabama.
Samford is ranked as the highest in the state at No. 203. The University of Alabama ranked No. 335, while Auburn beat its rival by more than a hundred spots and climbed to No. 204.
Just four years ago, Troy was ranked at No. 237, the highest in the state. However, the University is not concerned with this drop.
“What may be best for our students and our mission may not be the best for another university,” Lusk said. “Another point here is that the methodology for any given ranking tends to change from year to year.”
Noting that The Princeton Review consistently ranks Troy as one of the best schools in the southeast, Lusk emphasizes Troy’s focus on quality rather than rankings.
“Troy University hones in on serving students, whether it be in the classroom, in campus organizations, or, in their professional support,” he said. “Chancellor Hawkins has consistently directed a ‘student-first’ mentality in every facet of University life. When that happens, we are able to produce quality graduates who are equipped to succeed in their professional life, and we build the value of the TROY degree.”

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