Troy scantron shortage causes student struggle

by Emmaleigh Clegg

Troy University has recently experienced a shortage of one of the most essential items college students need: scantrons. This shortage was due to the company, Scantron Corporation,  undergoing a series of changes in their fulfillment processes, which lead to the spring scantron order not being filled until early March. 

The University bookstore had extra green scantrons and blue books from the fall order, however, blue scantrons were nearly impossible to come by, leaving students at a disadvantage. 

“I still needed blue scantrons for testing even after the shortage was announced,” said Kate Simechak, a sophomore theater major from Ozark, Alabama. “Thankfully, a friend of mine had stocked up on scantrons at the beginning of the semester and gave some to me.”

SGA also struggled to obtain blue scantrons for the spring semester’s scantron handout event.

“SGA tried its hardest to find blue scantrons, but was ultimately unsuccessful,” said SGA Senator Camrym Easterling, a global business major from Deatsville, Alabama. “We were still able to help students out by handing out green scantrons and blue books.” 

The bookstore has now received its spring order.

“All we could really do in this situation was just wait it out,” said Jeff Langenkamp, the general manager of the bookstore. “We now have thousands of every type of scantrons on hand that are available for purchase.”

Students who were affected by the shortage of blue scantrons realize that this can be seen as a learning opportunity, and will be more prepared just in case there is another shortage in the future.

“I am going to go to the bookstore and stock up on every type of scantron,” Simechak said. “In my opinion, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” 

Students can now purchase any type of scantron they need for twenty-eight cents in the university bookstore, or online through the university bookstore website. 

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