Troy Transit opens in time for Trojans first home game


Karli Mauldin and Cory Ray


Troy Transit is a product run out of a limited liability cooperation named En Route Enterprises.

This new business is run by Troy alumni with the exception of two men in the military.

The owner and president, Mike Root graduated roughly a year ago and met the two men when he enlisted in the air force.

“Being students at Troy really educated us on what our community needs,” Melanie Newman, said.

Newman graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism. She is currently the marketing and public relations manager. Newman said this was an opportunity not to miss out on
“We all fell in love with Troy and missed it so much that by the time we graduated, we all had a moment where we asked ourselves how we can give back to a community who’s given us so much.
Over the summer, Root called Newman saying he’s been thinking about coming back to Troy.
Root realized there is not a designated driver program in Troy and the nearest taxi service is in Montgomery or Dothan.
Newman said he wanted to take out a business loan and start Troy Transit.

“We had a board meeting on Tuesday, August 27 that went wonderful,” Newman said.

“It’s always tricky starting a new business, you never know how people are really going to react to it. We went in front of the council explaining our basic ideas and everyone has been so welcoming.”

Newman, Root and other members of Troy Transit were so involved while on campus and even knew a few board members, which helped hurry the waiting time of the operating license.

Newman said they got their operating license last night instead of having to wait three weeks.

Troy Transit will open Thursday, August 29 and the grand opening will be Saturday, August 31.
“We’re looking at a seven-week operation primarily for the night,” Newman said.

They plan for their hours to be 8pm to 4am.

However, during the day, Troy Transit plans to target major hotels in the area to show alumni and commuters they don’t have to fight for parking at the game against UAB, they can get a ride to tailgate terrace or anywhere on campus.

While this new business is primarily targeted for students, this is also open to anyone in the Troy area.
The transit system will not have a set schedule in hopes that anyone can call and they can have a fast response at a moment’s notice.

Currently, Troy Transit has a 12-person vehicle and an extended suburban.

They plan to have more car options, but at the moment it is not feasible because this would also mean more drivers would need to be hired.

“Opposed to a traditional taxi service, we didn’t think it was an option for Troy, our slogan is the flat five,” Newman said. “Five dollars will get you anywhere in the city. The more people you have in the car, it will deduct the price by a dollar. We don’t want people to worry about affording it. “

If anyone finds themselves in need of the Troy Transit, the number to call is (334)-201-4813

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