Troy University Choir Department now offering scholarships to non-music majors

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Members of Troy University Concert Chorale practicing safely in Fall 2020, during COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Rory Johnson

Staff Writer

Troy University’s choir department is open for any non-music majors to join and has scholarship opportunities for existing members.

Choir classes, such as Collegiate Singers, Gospel Singers, Opera Workshop, Concert Chorale and more are all offered for students. Many students join without ever auditioning and do not receive any scholarship for the class.

“We have been doing these auditions for many years, and typically we focus on prospective students,” said Dr. Orlofsky, Troy’s director of choirs. “For the last few years, we have been trying to involve more current students because there is a wealth of talent here at Troy.”

Right now, there are currently more non-music major students in the choir department.

Due to COVID-19, auditioning is easier than ever because students can record themselves and send the video in.

Recording the video takes the stress out of the audition because students can send in their best take.

Students are usually asked to record two songs of their choosing in two different styles and can choose which songs are recorded, as well.

Most choir classes are one credit hour, but the classes still meet twice a week. All scholarships will cover the cost of the class, as well.

The scholarship can range in terms of how much a student receives.

The base scholarship pays for a class, but the total depends on the class a student auditions for.

Many students are in multiple ensembles and have scholarships for each one. There is a huge sense of community within all ensembles.

“I think the best thing about the class is the sense of community and comradery,” said Dr. Sexton, director of frequency and Collegiate Singers. “It is one thing everyone comments on and enjoys.”

Students gain a lot from the choir department whether it be experiencing new music or helping develop their talents.

“Our repertoire is one of my favorite things about Collegiate Singers,” said Devin Shelton, a sophomore music education major from Prattville, Alabama. 

“For example, Dr. Sexton doesn’t stick with only Western music; this semester we are doing African chants and a piece by Mozart.”

The choir department of Troy University is open and waiting for students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. 

Email or visit the Troy University Concert Chorale Facebook page for more information.

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