Troy vs Abilene Christian Preview

Wes Fortson

Staff Writer 

The Trojans will face off against the Abilene Christian Wildcats Saturday, Sept. 13, at 6 p.m.

The last time these two schools played each other was on Sept. 13, 1975, where the Wildcats beat the Trojans by a score of 34-7.

This is a new era of college football though, where Troy is the dominate team this time.

Troy’s defense still struggles to tame the running game; however, they definitely improved from week one where they allowed UAB to rush for an astonishing 338 rushing yards, yet they only allowed Duke to rush for 182 yards this past weekend.

A deciding factor of this Saturday’s game is whether or not Troy’s secondary defense can stop the sheer dominance of the passing game that Abilene Christian possesses.

The Wildcats are averaging a total of 422 passing yards per game this season against some pretty competitive defenses such as the Georgia State Panthers who happen to be in the Sunbelt Conference with Troy.

One weapon that the Trojans will look to use this week against Abilene Christian is sophomore running back Jordan Chunn.

Chunn already has a career total of 16 rushing touchdowns as a Trojan, averaging a touchdown every 9.1 carries.

One struggle that the sophomore star has struggled with this season is fumbling. Chunn was successful in never coughing up the football last season, but has fumbled twice in two games this year.

“I’ve got to hold on to the ball,” Chunn said.

Last week the Trojans started off strong against the Blue Devils as always, but failed to maintain the momentum once again.

This week Troy must keep up the intensity and energy if they look to defeat the Wildcats and get their first win of the season.

There are still a lot of areas that the Trojans can improve on such as forcing turnovers, stopping the opposing team on third down and reading fakes on defense.

Head coach Larry Blakeney also made a statement about the lack of scoring for the Trojans, “We’ve got to be able to score the football,” Blakeney said.  “All the grass that you can cover without crossing the goal line is more or less meaningless at the end of the game if you don’t score.”

Redshirt freshman quarterback Brandon Silvers has done a great job at not putting the ball in the other team’s hands this season. Silvers has completed 36 passes without a single interception.

Troy has yet to score a passing touchdown this season, but looks to turn things around as they take on the Wildcats this week.

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