Troy welcoming new industry, jobs

Luke Brantley

Staff Writer

New jobs and career opportunities are coming to Troy in the near future thanks to businesses like Kimber Manufacturing and Conecuh Ridge Distillery planning to open facilities in Troy soon. 

Kimber Manufacturing is a firearms manufacturer famous for making 1911-style handguns as well as rifles and other pistols. 

According to Jason Reeves, the mayor of Troy, the new Kimber facility will hire a minimum of 366 people. He also said it is possible they will hire 500 or more people for a variety of jobs like design, assembly, human resources, business operations and more. 

Conecuh Ridge Distillery, the maker of Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, is also opening up a facility in Troy.

The facility will function as a manufacturing location and a tourist attraction where people can watch the whiskey being made. Reeves said this new facility might offer lodging, as well, and could be a good job opportunity for those with hospitality management majors.  

Rex Lumber, which broke ground on a Troy-based facility last summer, will provide more 100 jobs. 

“The more that industrial base and manufacturing base can grow, the more opportunity there is to create jobs,” Reeves said. “One of the reasons we’ve been successful at that is that they’re very hopeful that by being in Troy, where there is a university, they’re going to have a young, energetic workforce.

“It gives people the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and grow with a business.”

Also coming to Troy is Idea Bank, operated through the university. The bank will give students the chance to learn the skills they need to start their own businesses in a practical and hands-on environment.

Dr. Judson Edwards, the dean of the Sorrell College of Business, said the Idea Bank will coincide with a revamped entrepreneurship minor. Classes for this minor will focus on project-based learning and interactions with real companies.

“It’s critical for faculty and students to engage with these new businesses,” Edwards said.

There are also more recreational options coming to Troy. 

According to Reeves, there are plans for a large new shopping center which will bring new stores and potential jobs for students. 

Reeves also said that a new Italian restaurant is coming to the square in downtown Troy. 

There is even a Jack’s restaurant coming near the Days Inn on U.S. Highway 231 and a new gas station coming near McDonald’s. 

“I think it’s always exciting when new businesses come to Troy,” said Kacey Tinney, a junior global business major from Montgomery. “The more attraction to get to Troy, the better.”

The Conecuh Ridge Distillery is set to be on Trojan Way, and Kimber Manufacturing will be in Pike County Industrial Park off U.S. Highway 231.

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