Troy’s First Mr. And Miss Trojan Pride

( Photo / Contributed by TroySGA)
Troy University students elect first Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride, Braxton Daniels and Bailey Bennett.

Ora Nelson
Staff Writer

Bailey Bennett and Braxton Daniels were named as Troy University’s first official Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride in an election held last Wednesday.
“It’s a great honor to serve in this capacity and be named Mr. Trojan Pride because the amount of love and support that we do get from the university and from the student body that voted for us has been so amazing,” said Daniels, a senior exercise science major from Greenville, Alabama. “One of the most impactful things through this whole Trojan Pride process was just seeing how the students would come together, showing their love and their passion for just seeing their fellow students at Troy just excel at whatever they’re trying to do.”
Bennett, a junior risk management and insurance major from Eufaula, Alabama, called it an honor to be considered for the distinction.
“People were able to share what truly did make them proud to be a student in Troy and that was definitely encouraging to see,” Bennett said.
“It was extremely humbling just to be able to say that I was nominated, but I got excited because I wanted to use this platform to show how much I truly love Troy and how appreciative I am of what Troy has done for me in my life,” Daniels said. “ I think that’s the main reason why I ran: to be able to meet more people just through this platform and also really show why Troy does mean so much to me.”
Bennett is the president of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and has served as an ambassador for the last two years. She was in Freshman Forum, became the director, and is now the chief of staff for Freshman Forum.
Daniels currently works in the Office of Admissions as a tour guide and serves as the international liaison for the Student Government Association presidential cabinet. He is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and is involved with the First Baptist Church in Troy. Daniels was also in Freshman Forum.
“The intentionality of the student body here it was super obvious. And a lot of colleges tell you that they provide a family atmosphere, but Troy never told me that, it was just evident in my tour,” Daniels said. “And I would be silly if I didn’t want to be a part of that.”
“Knowing that the academic program I want to study was extremely strong and that you’re able to form such personable relationships with people was what really what sold me on Troy,” Bennett said. “I went on a full campus tour, and I loved that our tour guide was able to get to know all the people on campus and a familiar face was always waving [to the tour guide] and [they were] talking to people the whole time.”
According to SGA’s announcement, the Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride award is meant to recognize and honor those students “who excel in the areas of campus involvement, community involvement, leadership, and academics.”
“I believe Trojan Pride honestly means just serving everyone selflessly because I feel like that’s what Troy University does for its students,” Daniels said. “I think for a student to show Trojan Pride is for them to serve the student body selflessly, not with the intentions of personal gain, but for the intentions of everybody to love Troy as much as they do.”
“I’ve been able to form close relationships…and it really does make me love the university so much more because you get to see what truly makes Troy and not just the logo or the ‘One Troy’ statement, but you get to see all of that brought to life and be unified together because of the students on campus,” Bennett said.
Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride will be honored at a basketball game later in the season and at the banquet recognizing Troy’s Most Outstanding Women. The pair will receive ornamental swords engraved with their names and titles.

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