Troy’s library expands offerings, opens up study areas

( Photo / Suraj Thapa Magar )

Rory Johnson

Staff Writer

Troy University’s library has had some recent updates this semester, which will help benefit all students.

The library was able to collect new databases, such as Groove Music Online and Social Work Reference Center, through stimulus funds Troy University
had available.

One benefit of the new opportunities for students is the new databases are permanent, not subscription-based. Troy University only has to worry about maintenance fees, which aren’t as costly.

The databases should also help reduction in textbook-related costs and provide students more options through online research.

The university has also wanted to expand to purchasing eBooks, which was accomplished this semester.

While the library normally holds many events each semester, this spring there won’t be any due to COVID-19.

“We will have a new Remnant Trust exhibit in the fall of 2021, so we are excited about that,” said Rachel Hooper, head of public services for the library. “In 2019, we had a Remnant Trust exhibit that allowed us to display books and documents, some of which dated back centuries.”

The library has reopened its second floor and is allowing students to borrow books again. Opening the second floor allows for a return to some normalcy by creating more sections for studying and increasing maximum capacity.

“I’m happy the second floor has opened back up because my favorite places to study were in the corners away from others said Sparsh Shakya, a senior social work major from Kathmandu, Nepal. “I feel as if the second floor allows students to find more spread-out study spots.”

Even with the reopening of the second floor, study rooms remain  closed due to COVID-19.

Students have expressed mixed feelings about this, but for the most part understand why the study rooms are still closed.

“It doesn’t really bother me that the rooms aren’t reopening because I only ever used them for group sessions,” said Nick Wills, a senior theater major from Fayetteville, Georgia.

“I can get most of my work done in normal spots of the library.”

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