TUPD reviews active shooter plan, security

by Camille Coney 

In the aftermath of the Michigan State University shooting that took place earlier this month, Troy University Campus Police are taking extra precautions to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

TUPD Chief George Beaudry Sr. said safety is of the upmost importance on campus, especially in the light of recent mass shootings in the United States. 

“All of our officers have gone through training called ‘single officer response,’” Beaudry said. “It prepares them for anything that might take place if we were to experience an active shooter. “

Plastered on elevator doors around campus and in dorms are posters detailing how to react in a shooting. They contain advice on how to hide and explain how to interact with police when they arrive on the scene.

Beaudry said the response to an active shooting is a “simple three-word process: run, hide, fight.”

In the case where an activity shooter is present, the first reaction should be to run, if possible. If not, the second option is to hide so the shooter does not see you because you cannot hurt what you do not see. If all else fails, students and staff should fight to protect themselves and others. 

According to Beaudry, there are warning signs students and staff can lookout for. Thick, overdressed attire worn during the summer months is one red flag. Any sudden change in behavior from someone or a statement of wanting to cause harm are also signs. 

Students on campus have mixed feelings regarding safety. One student who works as a Resident Assistant said she would like to see the TUPD do more to protect them.

“I would like some more dorm security, and I know you have a fob to enter the building, but there is still a lot of ways people can get it into the buildings,” said Makena Kimball, a senior exercise science major from Denver, Colorado.  “People let other people in.

“I know that may be a tough one to solve, but in an all-girls dorm especially, if there’s a random dude walking in the building, that’s concerning to myself and my residents.” 

Fredo Jones, a junior computer science major from Birmingham, Alabama, said he has always felt safe on campus.

“I think the university police does a good job at keeping us safe because the University police are there for us whenever we need them,” Jones said.

If at anytime someone feels unsafe, they can call campus police at (334) 670-3215. In an emergency, call 911.

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